from: Jenny and Jerry Reves at Spring AGLCA Rendezvous in Norfolk, Virginia May 2013

Safety and Health

PFD’s for all***

Medicine Chest see ( ***

Tetanus and other vaccinations up to date***

Prescriptions on PDF to print when needed***

Pets – medication and copies of vaccinations especially rabies***

2 Anchors (multiple purposes)***

Coast Guard directives (***

Snorkel and fins***

Nylon batting cage netting for pets, small children and holding large exercise balls available at (**

Navigation and boat handling

Electronic charting and navigation

one of the many hardware/software offerings (Garmin, Raymarine, Maptech)***

handheld GPS (backup and mobile)***

radar (various brands)***


AIS enabled radio (various brands VHF radio)***

Whistles – one or two ***

Live display of ship traffic (AIS based)**

Sirius radio weather display**

Active Captain# for marinas and anchorages**


Paper chart books (Maptech/Richardsons) ***

The Intracoastal Waterway Chartbook (Amazon)***

Corps of Engineer Inland River Books (Illinois, Mississippi, Tennessee, etc) ***

Waterway Guides (marinas) ***

Skipper Bob Publications (purchase the Great Loop set)***

Local Guide books (Clairborne Young – Amazon)**

NOAA charts (**


“buoy indicator” (make own or purchase)***


2 extension boat hooks (fore and aft)**

2 large round fenders for locks**

4 fenders with at least 2 attachable to piling with ring and snap**

bollard lasso (make with 10-12 ft line and section of 1 ft vinyl hose as weight)**

night vision binoculars*
Boat Upkeep/Maintenance/Housekeeping

Tools (in addition to usual household)

Heat gun***

Electric reciprocating saw (multiple uses)***


Electrical wire crimping tool***

Engine filter wrenches (automotive stores)***

LED head light with red and white light (Energizer others)***

Stainless steel wire .041 1 lb (Harbor Freight Tools)***

Vinyl hose cutter**

Electric rope cutter**

Tin Snips (metal shears)**

Battery operated caliper**

Bosch oscillating tool kit (Sears and other places)*


Ziplock bags and “green fresh bags” various sizes***

Vacuum cleaner***


Ice maker***

Microwave and toaster oven ***

Electric space heater(s) and fan(s)***

Spares (computer, fresh water pump, impellers, filters, parts, hardware etc)***

Propane grill for outside (portable)***

Reinforced vinyl hose ***

PVC pipe (various sizes)***

Synthetic fabric clothing (no/little cotton)***

Clothes pins, other clips, velcro (multiple purposes)***

Visitor and guest rules/letter ***

Cash – rolls of quarters (laundry) and ones and fives for tipping dock hands***

Credit card – Capital One – no foreign transaction fees***

Dockside water attachment (make your own 2-3 ft from old garden hose)**

RainX for the windshields (it works)**

Printer for the computer **

Dehumidifier (serves as heater, too)**

Noxon metal polish (great for the stainless steel)**

Bicycles (good transportation, but limited cargo capacity)**

x-treme tape (temporary fix leaks at joints) (**


Water maker or water purifier*

Propeller line cutter (various makers)*


VHF radio (2 simultaneous channels preferred)***

Handheld battery operated VHF***

WiFi enabled computer and/or IPAD***

Phone wireless modem browser card (Verizon “hot spot” others)***

Cell phone (provider of choice – Verizon, others)***

Crew voice activated radio (e.g. Cruising Solutions) ***

Smart phone (multiple choices)**


*** Essential

**   Good

*     Luxury

Useful Websites

Weather hurricane forecasts buoy weather port weather marine forecasts port weather port weather Florida Keys weather marine wind forecasts marine forecasts marine forecasts coastal tides marine forecasts, personalized

Looper Specific Digests (list serves) AGLCA master site – sign in for list serve marine medicine and report illness/injury
here anchorages and marinas – sign in for list serve marinas and other info – sign in for list serve – sign in for list serve costs nominal fee, but well worth it –
sign in for list serve weather and many other useful tips –
Claiborne Young – sign in for list serve events and other info about Florida – sign in for list serve New York State canal information Canadian cruising information
Selected Blogs authors’ gives distances as well as videos, pictures video of the loop by the authors famous lecturers and experienced gold loopers very good site by experienced gold loopers see what Canadians think of the loop new gold loopers – current loopers gold looper with  good pictures gold loopers with lots of loop specific travel info

Reference Books on Board

Marine Medicine by Eric A. Weiss and Michael Jacobs

First Aid Manual by American College of Emergency Physicians

This Old Boat by Don Casey McGaw Hill

Boatowner’s Mechanical and Electrical Manual by Nigel Calder McGraw Hill

Chapman Piloting and Seamanship by Elbert S. Maloney Hearst Books